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This release contains OSBS official image builds of all code in release-4.16 (master) branches, and is updated after those builds are synced to

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-23-013505 Accepted 19 hours ago 22 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-22-193834
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-22-180402 Accepted 27 hours ago 17 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-21-222537
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-22-095849 Accepted 35 hours ago 19 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-21-222537
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-22-021321 Accepted 42 hours ago 29 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-21-153906
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-21-163246 Rejected 2 days ago 28 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-20-090411
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-21-101621 Rejected 2 days ago install-analysis-all 34 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-20-090411
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-21-020511 Rejected 2 days ago 31 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-20-090411
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-20-162107 Rejected 3 days ago metal-ipi-sdn-bm 36 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-20-090411
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-20-122107 Rejected 3 days ago 4 pending 32 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-20-031521
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-17-094036 * Accepted 6 days ago 23 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-16-235514
4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-02-17-013806 Accepted 6 days ago 25 failed 4.15.0-0.nightly-2024-02-16-180726

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